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Zl1 order dropped

I have been on the dealer 'list'. For the first z-28 /zl1. I have acquired a taste for the 600 hp club with my '10 zr1... And love it...

I have spent two years calling him, reading blogs and the rest...waiting for the day to place the order.... That day came today, without a spec sheet, precise view of options and features... Just a rough two page fax of order codes and costs... Many of the options have no visual reference, nor clear descriptor... Compound that with the fact that the cf hood is n/a yet... No crystal red metallic tint blue... With no evidence that the 12s will ever come in these
Colors ( my 1-2 choices.. The vette is the red tint coat and I wanted to match em up)... Lead me to the unthinkable conclusion... Pass on alloc #1 and switch to #2. Giving a few months to see what may materialize... And prepare for a push out to 2013... With the anticipated snake killer upgrades... ( u can learn a lot at the Woodward cruise if u speak with the right people)... If the upgrades don't come then it's straight to lingenfelter for the boost... Thak you Joe
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