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Originally Posted by skipinminn View Post
I had a chance to talk to Scott Settlemire at C5fest and asked about all the dislike for the tail lights. He pointed out WAY back when the first Camaro Gen5's were shown, Lots of comments were made they look to much like Corvette. He then pointed out the new 2014 tail lights can be sold in Europe and Abroad. This save's money not having to make two different production rear bumpers. This saving's can be used in Research and Development. Like finding ways to make the Camaro lighter. It all made sense and made my dislike seem small, actually kind of selfish. Well Just my 2cents worth maybe they work abroad also I guess because they wrap around, that still no excuse to lift them off some ugly Honda Acura. They could have made them wrap around slotted, recessed, vented or something. This is a step back in styling not forward. Harley Earl would not have put up with this.
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