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Getting new engine Dealer said putting in 2012-13 motor?I have a 2010

Hey guys. Been awhile since I have posted. Earlier this year my car was drinking a quart of oil every fill up and timing chains went bad. They did a leak down test and one cylinder had 100% leak down and the others were leaking aswell. They tore it down and said its not repairable. So they ordered a new engine. Well, I got a call from the dealer saying they got a 2012-2013 engine (thought he was about to tell me they got the wrong one) because the 2010 motor is no longer available. I said the LFX? He replied not really knowing what the LFX was. I said the 2012 motor has a different intake manifold (didn't mention the headers). He said no we used your intake manifold. Said the new motor includes, block,heads, valve covers, oil pan, valve covers, oil pump, water pump, and sensors. So is there a 2012 LLT motor? I know the 2012 traverse has one but its a completely different motor designed for front wheel drive. I don't know what to think. Should have it back by today or tomorrow. He said I would be happy to know I got an upgraded motor

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