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Originally Posted by RealG View Post
Thank's for the tips and really agree about the dealer temptation.
I have been visiting dealers at odd times to see the colors in different light and when fewer people are around kinda stealth like. I was thinking of getting serious right when the order guides came out.thanks to this forum and all the sharing of great info by all of you , I basically know what I want. Little hung up on the color and trans (I know small things).was stuck on black auto ,now it's red rock or blue ray metalic Stick.

P.s lbls1 your color is awesome ! , great choice !
Hey thanks I appreciate it. I really can identify with your wants and objective, so I'd say stay with it. Like I said earlier I was really hoping for a big change and I was willing to stick it out to the end. When a couple of facts hit the light of day for me, it was then that I decided to spring a year sooner. Couple that with the outstanding Recaros and Blue Ray Metallic (in which the basic color of Navy Blue is one of my favorites), the rush to own a ZL1 pushed me to the brink this past Oct. You should do fine, just stick to your guns.
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