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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
True, but there are no magazine tests of the 5th Gen Camaro that end in brake failure and impact damage.

What was unnerving to this driver, having just survived the most terrifying experience in a 15-year driving life, was that Nissan officials from Japan weren’t at all surprised. They matter-of-factly reported that the Z’s stock brake pads were designed primarily for low noise and low dust, and not for racetrack situations. It’s our view, however—and we don’t think we’re alone—that the NISMO Z, an even sportier version of a sports car, should be equipped with brakes competent enough to survive a few hot laps.

Your 5th Gen shipped with the best combination street track pad available. Noise is a consequence of function. Performance brake pads make noise. Performance brake pads make dust. Less noise, less dust = Less brake Function.
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