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Originally Posted by Christiancoach View Post
I searched and read several threads about low dust brake pads here. Most of the information was from people who had only been using the Hawk Ceramic or equivalent for a short time. I am wondering about your long term experience with them.
I am looking for the lowest amount of brake dust possible without a significant drop in stopping power. My car uses the same pads as the Camaro.
"Low dust" pads are essentially "lighter-colored dust" pads. There is currently no way to stop a vehicle without wear, so dust happens. Some of it is from the pads and some of it is from the iron rotors.

Many "ceramic" pads (a huge, largely non-descript category that can mean a lot of things, depending on who is labeling the box) give off a much lighter colored dust, ash gray in some cases. The trouble is that the materials needed to make that lighter dust are not as good in creating friction. They typically will not stop as well.

We have found the Hawk Performance Ceramic has provided the best dust/performance combination of the ones we've tested so far. I would estimate they give up about 15% in initial bite, which is a bit less than some ceramic pads we've tried. The only other downside is that some drivers report slightly higher rotor wear, especially at low temps and low rubbing speeds.

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