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Originally Posted by ddavis View Post
I ran hawk ceramics on my modded subaru a couple of years back. I found the stopping power to be alot less then the hawk hps pads. Just my opinion, but for a heavy car with this much power, I would put as much bite down as i can.
Originally Posted by GEEo View Post
I agree, but the best pads make the most dust and the most noise. There seem to be quite a few Camaro owners that want minimal dust and have no tolerance for brake noise. My Cobalt Friction XR compound pads make dust going down the driveway, but they have almost no fade on track and they have bite! I get the feeling that those of us who want 'as much bite down as I can' are in the minority.

It will be interesting to see if the Hawk Ceramic (low dust) pads are the solution. I'll be following this thread for that reason. I hope it stays active with the users posting updates.
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