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Originally Posted by Lee123 View Post
No doubt someone will tell me I should have done more searches, but I've searched a lot and still have doubts.

The dealer that installed my cam and headers has a deal on superchargers thru the month of January. $8,500 installed, which is higher than some of the prices I've seen posted here, but since installing it myself is out I'm probably going to go with this deal.

The only thing that is holding me back is concerns about long term reliability. A couple of months ago there was a 20+ page thread on high flow cats breaking and plugging up on supercharged cars. I've read through it, but I still don't know how to tell whether they'd break on mine. Is this really something to worry about? I want to keep the car close to legal so I do not want to gut the cats.

How reliable is a Magnuson supercharger itself? Do they require maintenance?

In the next couple of weeks I'm either going to buy the supercharger or 3.91 gears. One good thing about the gears is that if they are installed correctly you can just forget them. No extra maintenance or damage to other parts. I put a Vortech on a 91 Mustang and drove it 90,000 miles with no problems at all except a seal replacement at 60,000. That's what I'm hoping for with this. Is that realistic?
the resident maggie expert is supercharged ss (jamie). i believe he will tell you that the maggie is incredibly reliable. he is running nines with his and i never heard of a problem. pm him. is offline   Reply With Quote