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Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
I melted my cats within the first year but I made about 75 1/4 passes on the car. They were the Kooks high flows. If you don't race it like a fiend then I doubt you'll have any problems with the cats.

I'm not sure about the cam, your tuner will be able to help you more than I.
I was going to mention this.

I chose no cats but there are a bazillion magnacharged LS* engines out there with miles after miles after miles with full cats and high flows.

Jamie has a point here. If you race it a lot then maybe figure something out. If you go to the strip 2 or 3 times a year and you are even semi-responsible on the road then I wouldn't worry much.

8500.00 is fair.

I installed mine on my own. There really isn't much to it if you have the tools. But if the shop has a good tuner then I'd say go for it.
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