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IMHO, Chevy just about nailed it. I was first considering building out a 1LE Camaro as a track day car, but getting the track (road course) performance I wanted was getting expensive. I was getting ready to buy a Boss 302S for track days, even though it's not street legal. The Z/28 ticks all the right boxes for me. LS7 motor that revs to 7,000 rpm, with 500hp/500lb/ft. Carbon Ceramic Brembos with serious ducting and ventilation. 19" wheels to save on unsprung weight. Pirelli Trofeo R rubber. Killer suspension. Cooling for both the rear diff and the transmission. For someone with my use scenario -- I don't care about driving it on the street, except for on the way to the track -- this car is almost perfect!

In short, the car I would have built -- but for a lot less than what I would have spent. This will be a car that is seriously quick, but overbuilt enough that you can run the thing all day long without it breaking a sweat.

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