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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
I worked for one of the big name insurance companies for Many years and I can tell you this information they gave you is false. The 15% discount is off of your Comprehensive coverage only, not your whole policy.

If you look at your current policy look for the line that says "Comprehensive" and that will be what you get the 15% discount on. Comprehensive is only your coverage for fire/theft/vandalism/etc.

Comprehensive coverage is not usually an expensive portion of the policy so this discount usually equates to only $10-$15 or so per policy period at the most. Hardly worth the $19 a month charge.

What I used to say to people about the discount is (and getting things like lojack) is its not worth it for the discount, but if you really love your particular car and you want to make sure you have it forever, those products and services are worth it.
I just checked my policy; I pay $41 every SIX months for COMPREHENSIVE coverage, so if I get say 15% off of that I could save a whopping $6.16 off my semi-annual premium or a $1.03 every month.

While it won't cost me a cent to call and I'll take every dime I can get from them, I was hoping to soften the financial burden of GM not including Bluetooth on a brand new 2009 Cadillac. Come on GM wake up, just because tax payers are going to bail you out you need products and content folks want. Enough with the shortcuts.
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