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Dealer installed stripes

The fiasco that it is. My dealer does not have a body shop. I show up at the 9oclock appt. 2 weeks ago at a quarter till. At ten he's still not there. Mind you, this is with a detailer of a brother of the dealer. I am outta there. So I'm left with the leg work to find someone to do it. Shearer Chevrolet in Burlington. Job was done this morning. In a little over an hour. Dirt under the trunk stripe. The right side of the hood stripe is 1/4" off center. Bubbles and imperfections galore. I'm told to wait a week for the bubbles to find there way to where bubbles go. Fine. What is not fine is stripes laid over dirt and a blow and go job without total attention to getting the damn thing straight. They didn't sell the car so, oh well for me.
GM pay's 1.5 hours to install this package. It should take AT LEAST twice that to do it right. Maybe less if your awesome.
Moral of the saga. Let the dealer handle everything. The fewer people you have to yell at or worse the better.
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