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Originally Posted by ZL600 FK View Post
Also a super snake is 850 hp at the block and it cost only $40,000 more - not to sure you are going to get 100 rwhp with those simple mods.
Dennis on here has simple bolt ons and tune, 13 gt500, 721whp and wtq to match, you have a built/stroked block basically 5.8L(yes I know we have 6.2) but he has 2.3L blower while we have the baby 1.9L!

Whipple 4L, KB 3.6LC units on our cars with some extra work I can only imagine but considering they have full interior street able gt500 running 8's now at 159mph I'm sorry don't see the zl1 doing this in the near future!

I own a Zl1 with 661whp and loveeeee it and wouldn't trade it for anything! Doesn't mean I'm a brand nazi and think chev has the gt500 from all angles,

8.9@159 and dyno video

Second one is another monster they built that catwalks for fun :-) no purpose just enjoy the vid :-) ps - ice ice baby be stuck in your head for a week if you watch it hahaha
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