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Originally Posted by LSxJunkie View Post
I never meant a dealer wouldn't do it, I meant that he shouldn't even bother asking. Any stealer that actually will do it will bend you over backwards on labor and probably frak it up.

And I lied about the price. Apparently you can get the motor for 13k now. The price has come down. However, it's another 1900 for PCM and assorted other shit. So about 15k for the same amount of power you can make out of a heads/cam package that costs less than half that.

Worst. Idea. Ever. I barely trust dealers to change my oil, much less do a complete motor swap. You really want an LS7? Take your money to someone who's not new at this game. Go to an LSx shop. You might even get some semblance of a warranty from the shop, and these are going to be people who are passionate about cars, not just paid a day's wage for a day's work.

i can tell you 4 dealers in my area that i would trust to do these sort of things, i can also tell you 1 dealer i wouldnt give any business to. Really if you are so distrustful of your dealer you need to find somewhere else to give your business too.
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