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Originally Posted by ~ChipsAhoy~ View Post
Just painted my bezels last night.

I just sanded them with 1000 grit so the paint would have something to adhere to, cleaned the dust and other loose impediments off with a alcohol/water mix. Most of the chrome was still on there when I started spraying them. However, I did spray them with some Valspar plastic bond before spraying my base coat and then high gloss clear. I let them sit for a couple of hours and then installed them. I figure if they end up looking like crap (which I don't think they will, but maybe I am wrong), then I can just find a set somewhere and start over with a different process. It may not have been the right process, but it worked fine for winging it.
I'm sure it will look great and hold up well.

My story is a little more complicated. I'm scar'd from an experience when I was 14. I repainted my Schwinn exactly the way I wanted it. It was great for a few days. Then the paint started chipping off in big chunks. I had just roughed up the old enamel and sprayed away. My neighbor chuckled and then showed me how to strip to bare metal, then prime then paint. That bike looked great for years. Ever since then I go to bare stock before I paint.
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