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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
I can't talk about the price - but I'd love to know the person at GM that said such a foolish thing.

Take a 1LE -- price that out

Add an LS7 Engine (go price one of those out0

Add the carbon/ceramic brakes -- (go price those out)

........and then start to look at the list of 'what's different' -- and start pricing for that............

Oh - and then one has to take into consideration the cost to reverse engineer for the car without A/C. (, you can't just remove it...)

-- and in order to get it approved, we had to show how we'll make money on it ('s called return on investment - and that investment is not only monetary, but track time, personnel, etc....)

The answer is that there is no way this car is going to be anywhere near 40K.

That's all I can say.....
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