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Hemm...I wonder what it would cost...

Take a 1LE -- price that out
2014 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE (from build and price - base) - $37,550.00

Add an LS7 Engine (go price one of those out)
OK. $14,000.00 for the engine + $2449 for the front accessory drive (so $16,450.00 - I was looking to see about putting one of these in a car once).

Add the carbon/ceramic brakes -- (go price those out)
So someone said somewhere that the brakes are like $10,000.00, right?

I can't imagine the cost of the rest of the options like the lighter glass (Which has to withstand all of the bumps rattles and shifts the car goes through while still being lighter and removing the a/c)

Just being a 1LE + LS7 + Ceramic Brakes + FADK...

$37,550 + $16,450 + 10,000 = 64,000.00 (rounded off a little).

$64,000.00. And that's without figuring out the rest of the parts and labor that went into making this car work. Ladies and Gentlemen I would say that the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 will be at least 69,995 (they will want to make a profit on it - they are a business).

Expect to pay 70,000.00 for the car.

That's my guess.

P.S there are several reports out there on the internet - interviews with various GM people - that state that the Z/28 will be more expensive than the ZL1. I'd love to track them down for you but I figure where is the fun in that?
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