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If I did have Cheryl Piltcher's job as product manager, this is how I would set it up...
1LT/2LT Base V6 models
RS: track packed Camaro with Z28 lightweight suspension components. In '68-'69 it was possible to combine the Z/28 package with the RS package so it makes sense.
1SS/2SS: Base V8 models and base for GMPs aftermarket.
Z28: Factory built race car, GM offers a Factory race car from GM performance for the SCCA and Koni guys maybe the SSX or a ZR28 (Like the Boss 302R)
SS/Z: Offer all of the above, upgrade from Z51s to the F55s, Nav, multiple seat options, T-Tops!!!.. it will be the its up to the consumer if they want to go performance or load it.

But that's just me.
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