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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
There are only two issues I have with this concept.

1) It doesn't separate from the "first gen rules all" philosophy behind the Z28 that I disagree with.


2) It assumes another Hi-Po Camaro model after the 'HP Edition'...It's only a personal believe of mine that there will be none for the 5th generation given CAFE standards and GM's obligation to performance in other brands...

But there's plenty of sound logic behind the idea, if I didn't see those as issue.
1.) Try not to look at this Z28 being the "last" Z28, the 6th Gen will surely assume a more modern philosophy and surely the 6th rendition will call on the other Gens.

2.) I was referring to the HP Edition being the SS/Z and that there is no 4th V8 option... SS>Z28>SS/Z, three models, three different classes and direction.
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