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Track Weekend Review of RacingBrake 2 piece rotors

So, I have had my RacingBrake 2 piece rotors for a few weeks now. I just finished a 2 day track event on the Roval (road course) at Fontana or ACS. This road course features the front NASCAR straight and NASCAR turns 1 and 2 and a road course in the midfield. One day was scorching hot in the high 90's, not exactly brake friendly weather.

The braking needed to stop my 2 ton car from the straight after NASCAR 2 into turn 3 and 4 is massive. I was hitting 165-170 on the front NASCAR straight and hitting 150+ on the banked turns one and two. I needed to brake hard and brake fast to get the 90 degree left and then quick 90 degree right of turn 3 and 4. The RacingBrake rotors were up to the task. I was out braking cars that cost more than my house including Porsche, GTR, Boss 302, SuperSnakes, Saleens, Rousch and many other mustangs. Sadly the ZR1 and Z06 were also incapable of out braking me. NO BRAKE FADE!!!!! Ohhh yeah forgot to add I was out braking and driving these cars that should be whooping me with one useable arm and an automatic in Sport shifting. That means zero engine braking. Did I mention NO BRAKE FADE?!?!?!?!

Saying I out brake expensive cars is enough but that's not the whole story. The weight lost made my car quicker to accelerate, easier to turn in and even easier to brake combined with the improved braking performance of the rotors themselves. Quicker car and again NO BRAKE FADE...absolutely none.

The 2 piece rotors aren't just some sandcasted junk. They are built right with a dimpled slot and small holes in the slot to let gas and dust escape while helping dealing with heat. They are not just the run of the mill drilled/slotted rotors where they are sandcasted then drilled by machine which weakens the entire rotor and leads to cracking. The are machined and built with with dimple and holes in them so the hardness and rigidity of the metal is not compromised by the drill.

For you car show types these rotors are built right and will attract attention where ever you go. They will not have that unsightly rust that the oem and many other aftermarket rotors have. For the weight savings guys I lost 23 pounds of unsprung and rotational mass when it was all installed....for the MPG guys that means better fuel mileage as well. It really is the end all be all rotor for EVERY type of driver for our cars

RacingBrake are THE American made brake experts. Rotors, Pads, Caliper rebuild kits, and forged calipers for many vehicles.

I am trying to get enough interest in our community so they will build lightweight forged and very very pretty calipers for us. Beg, plead, and ask for light weight and beautiful calipers to go with their beautiful light weight rotors here 714-871-6392 or Tell them Blake with silver camaro sent you and they will know what you want! I have been down to their shop and watched my rotors be assembled and browsed their isles and isles of pads and rotors and calipers and caliper rebuild kits....its like brake disney land.

Here a few pics of them testing the hardness of the rotor, assembling the 2 piece rotor, one pic of the rotor on my car with dirty and burned oem caliper, and the last is the rotor shining from behind my wheels.
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