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Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
I was using HP+ front and RacingBrakes 800 rear. I will be using a track dedicated pad setup from RacingBrake on my next track Sonoma, yeaaaa!

edited to say figured youd be happy about my nice burnt golden color of my calipers

Originally Posted by CHMSC View Post
This is all true, I watched as he kicked the crap outta the other cars. There were 20 or so people coming over to see how he was kicking their butt. It was awesome.

Pete he needs better pads lol all I am saying.....or more pads lol sponsor anyone??

Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
Help me get the word out that there is a market for forged lightweight calipers too! People think the ctsv upgrade is the only way....its not and they need to know so we can get this product custom built by RacingBrake
CTS-V Calipers are an excellent cost effective solution. We installed those on the PUSA Camaro back in 2010. Next thing you know GM is installing them on the ZL1 And then a 27mm solid front bar on the 1LE And then the 305/30/19s on the Z/28 Not to mention the upgraded front sub-frame bushes in 2012 and the rock hard front sub-frame bushes in the ZL1

Excuse me while I take a deep breath

In our efforts to stay ahead of the Camaro TEAM (which isn't easy ) I have been speaking with Brembo for about 18 months about killer brakes for the 5th Gen. The calipers need to be a step below a full racing brake so they can be used on the street. (Full racing brake calipers are high maintenance.) The GT-R Caliper is spot on. It has no exterior dust seals to over heat and disintegrate. Is machine from a block of billet aluminum. SS Inserts to insulate the piston from the heat of the backing plate.

The calipers will work with iron or composite rotors. They have a new composite rotor that does not need to be replaced when scratched like the OE CF rotors.

If you have driven a ZL1 you will understand what I am about to say. My lasting impression of a ZL1 is the brakes are beyond ridiculous. You feel like you can stop on a dime from ANY speed.

How far along are the RB Calipers?
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