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Thumbs up Texas Camaro Revolution Pictures and Video

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The phrase “everything is bigger in Texas” pretty well sums up the event hosted by the San Antonio Camaro Club this weekend. The “Texas Camaro Revolution”, attracted hundreds of people from far and wide to share their enthusiasm for what is no longer just a car; but a lifestyle. The 3-day event started with an 80 car meet ‘n greet at the San Antonio Raceway. With nearly 35 cars drag racing, and hundreds spectating, that 1320 feet turned into a proving ground for every stock and modified Camaro willing to accept the challenge.

Autocross is a unique and fascinating sport, and no good car event would be a success without it; thus the Revolution had to step up it’s game. With the help of Pedders USA, the H-Town Camaro Club, and many volunteers from San Antonio Camaro Club and San Antonio Sports Car Association, a simple, yet involved course was designed and assembled to allow more than 30 piggish Camaros to carve lines in the pavement.

Car shows are the best way to display ones individualism and creativity, and there was nothing short of that at the Revolution. Nearly 60 stunning Camaros of mixed generations shined together, providing a picturesque backdrop that wasn’t to be missed.

“Bikinis Blowout”, at Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, screams PARTY and as the participants of the Revolution created a new version of the “Harlem Shake”, that’s exactly what it became. With over 100 Camaros lining the parking lots, Chevy dominated the small city of Live Oak with an energy that couldn’t be mistaken.

Following the leader is a practice that was well exercised as more than 90 Camaros embarked on a 100 mile cruise through the beautiful countryside that is South Texas. With fans waving and cheering from the roadsides, our cruise to lunch was filled with an excitement that only a true Camaro fanatic would appreciate. Being behind the wheel of such an untamed animal can be exhausting, so we took a break for lunch and breathtaking views at Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. We hated to see everyone go, but we loved to watch and hear them leave. With over $2,000 being donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the San Antonio Camaro Club concluded yet another successful event in the heart of Texas, and that my friends is something to be proud of.

We’d like to thank LMR-Late Model Racecraft, River City Creations & Lighting, Pedders Suspensions, Blackjack Speed Shop, Henderson Performance Technologies, Adams Polishes, and Rock’in Monkey for being sponsors of the TCR event.

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For all those who didn't get to pick up shirts, we are going to go back to the printer. That's right....just ONE TIME ONLY. We ordered 150 shirts for the event and by noon, had sold out of ALL of our extras. We only had pre orders left. We finally decided to unload those by the end of the day and almost every single one of them found a home. I know there were at least 10 other people who wanted specific shirts that we didn't have. With that, if we can get 24 shirts (minimum order) we can go back to the printer. That shouldn't be hard at all to do.

Go to the link and order now. As soon as we hit 24, we'll have them printed. Should we not get close to 24, we'll simply refund everyone's money...easy as that.
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