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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
This made me laugh... it's not too far from the truth though.

True story I noticed a warning label on the wife's curling iron... something along the lines of "keep this out of your eyes it can burn them" seriously....

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Omg. That is hilarious. I always thought putting a hot curling iron into my eye socket was something I'd try one day. You burst my bubble.

With all the environmental friendliness in the world, I wonder if anyone calculated the environment impact and cost of coffee cozzy's and plastic lids that coffee shops are mandated to give us since that idiot sued McDonald's for burning himself / herself on hot coffee. If I were the spokesperson for Mickey D's I would have said, "We are sorry you had an accident, we did a market survey and 100 out of 100 people preferred their hot coffee ... Wait for it ... HOT!"

Back to topic. Chevy can and should release whatever they want. Someone on this thread offered to buy our 1LE's at 50% depreciated value.

I figure before 2016 or whenever all cars have to be super high mileage by gov mandate it means we bought at the right time. I'm going to enjoy the next (last?) three years.

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