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I bought a Window Valet for my 13 convertible.

Everyone considering this unit should know that it doesn't quite work as you would expect on a convertible. I assume it works entirely correctly on a coupe.

The Valet works fine with the top up. The front windows will roll down and up, and vent. With the top down, the roll-down feature works, but not the roll-up. This is because of a GM feature/issue, but the Valet does not override this.

End result, the roll-up feature does not work when the top is down.

The convertible has 4 windows instead of the 2 on a coupe. Stock, with the rear windows down the express-up of the front windows is disabled. You have to roll up the rear windows before the express-up on the front windows will work. Since the Valet does not control the rear windows, it cannot raise the front windows when the top is down and the rear windows are down, which happens by default when you lower the top.

This is something that I'm sure a design change could address, and would result in a separate unit for convertibles. I hope Top Down Tech chooses to address this issue soon. But as it is now, be prepared for the roll-up to fail when the top is down.
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