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Originally Posted by nikitis View Post
Reviving an extremely old thread. Apologies. But I thought the law is that if there is a back seat the child seat must go there. If you have 2 in the back (Cause most only have two seat belts), then 3rd one can go in the front.

Now I think if air bag cannot be disabled in passenger side, the one that goes in the front must be front facing as it's safer with air bag. If air bag can be disabled and they are still rear facing, to face them rear but sitting in the front.

The law allows for like trucks with only a front seat, or vans that are full in the back and need one more seat.

Correct me if I'm wrong. I would like to know for sure, but I think this is the case.

Edit* I also find it easier to put my kid in the carseat in this car than I did my hyundai sonata.
You bored today Nikitis, this is the second one you dug up and you said in the other you were an older guy. Planning on having kids?
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