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Thumbs up New Camaro Z28 info from GM officials @ Carlisle Nationals

As reported on Homepage

Scott, Cheryl, John, Al, design guy?(forget his name?) and John Cox
These are the people you should thank for bringing the Camaro back to life!
They were in Carlisle PA showing off the Camaro (which was easy to do)
They answered all questions from the crowd....which brings me to the Z28.

I don't want this thread to be a boring talk again and again about the Z28 speculation.
  • There is no doubt that there will be a Z28
  • It will have the Z28 hood (like bumblebee 2)
  • It will have a different grill which will include the chevy bowtie somewhere (top executive decision making here)
  • It will probably have a different rear spoiler
  • It will have Z28 emblems and/or graphics
  • It will have a high output engine LS ? something (as long as it meets government standards for fuel economy)

They want you to enjoy the NEW Camaro, the way it is offered now, for the next couple years
Then, the convertible will be out in the spring of 2011
Then, the Z28 will probably come out a year later

That's it! Enjoy the pictures! Just thought I'd share them with you guys

OH ya.....I threw in a pic of Sam and Bryan (2 guys garage) doing a seminar under the big tent
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