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Originally Posted by PMJ View Post
Well my trailer is a little high maintenance, but I agree it's much better. Especially knowing I have a way home when I break something.

I'll post a video later, but finally got my 10 (10.93@135). 1 year 4 months after driving her home from the dealer. Not bad.

1.6 60', was impressive for me. .2s faster than my best on drag radials. I like the slicks. And definitely room to improve. Never had a clean run. Still getting some boost spike with throttle response set to 1 of 100. I guess it's time to learn to power shift. Everything in my body says when clutch, let off throttle. I have to get over that.

It cooled down for houston, but still hot. My corrected ET is. 10.6. So I have high expectations to get my new 10.5 goal when it cools in oct/nov. But my next event is the Texas mile...

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Congrats!! One goal at at time or you'll just confuse yourself.

That mph is good for low 10's so it's on you now. Practice and get a lot of seat time.
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