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Originally Posted by Shadowsong View Post
Honestly, I don't think anyone knows for sure.

I'm just going to sit back and watch
Yeah, until the Camaro comes out and the aftermarket vendors get their hands on it all we can do is speculate.

Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
1 Horsepower...

In all seriousness, I'm shooting for naturally aspirated 380 flywheel horses for under 2500 on my 3.6 DI - at least, the one I will be getting - and have a solid plan for getting there. 400 wouldn't take much more, but I don't want to sacrifice the fuel economy to get there.
- Xanthos

P.S. - In case you're interested, I'm going with a custom spectre modular air intake, ported throttle body for venturi effect, semi-full exhaust (shorty headers once somebody makes them, high flow cats, mufflers), higher ratio rocker arms, and custom tune. I'm reasonably confident this will get me to at least 380 flywheel horses, if not more, seeing how a cold air intake and cat-back with no tune netted 340 flywheel horses on the CTS with this engine. IF somebody makes a set of mild cams for the right price, and they don't seriously effect fuel economy, I might hook myself up with a set as well to hit that 400 flywheel horsepower mark. I might also advance the ignition timing a few (2-3) degrees and see where that gets me.
Reasonably with all of the mods you mentioned you probably could get 70-80hp out of the V6 w out going F.I. but I would predict that to be at most.

But with what you just mentioned, that's probably easily 3-4k in mods, if not more. I guess doing it over a period of time may not be soo bad, but for around the same price you may be able to just convert to F.I. and get better power... Maybe, Maybe not....

With just full bolt-ons probably a 30-40hp increase.

Again there's no way of really telling until the Camaro is out....
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