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Roll call: Virginia!

I see a pretty fair amount of Virginia folks around, let's get a comprehensive "hello there" for future reference!

Name: Merrill... "MerF"
Location: Spotsylvanina (Fredericksburg) since 2004...lived in VA Beach from 2000-2004.
Cars: In VA Beach, 1997 Accord...1994 Supra. In Fred-Vegas, 1989 IROC, 1996 Jetta

Shout-out for Jenroes in Virginia Beach, that place still do shows? And, which I used to terrorize on a regular basis, but I haven't been there much since the name-change to

I miss Pungo Auto-cross, meeting for slightly-illegal activities on 564 (moved way before the huge bust...but it could just as easily been me), and cruising the strip at the Beach.

I was in the Navy and stationed aboard USS Mitscher (DDG-57) as an AEGIS FC.

So who the hell are you?

Oh...and of course.... :tweetz:
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