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Newbie questions about going Rotary, wet sanding & buffing.

Hey Guys

Long list here. First off, Id like to get the factory paint on my 2012 SS looking better. Surely the OP can be leveled some without me risking trashing the paint. Second, I have tried my hand at painting some base and clear coat. All in all I did okay (test panels) but have some OP (some places more than others) that I would like to learn to correct.

So I can practice on the test panels. I figure Ill need to wet sand those with 1500 then maybe 2000, then buff? Or should I start with 2000 then 3000?

So far I have experience with the PC 7424 and have used Menzerna FG 400, SI 1500 and either the 3 or 4000. I used orange pads for the first step, then white for the next and used the power lock to seal it. Is the FG 400 harsh enough to be considered buffing? I'm not familiar enough with the terminology of buffing vs polishing.

I was happy with the result using the Menzerna stuff, but there were still some marks (Black Trailblazer). I think (at least on my painted test panels) I want to push myself and learn new skills. Seems like the direct drive machine is faster, and might help me get a better overall finish. I'm thinking this is true for levelling the OP on my test panels, probably to get a better correction on my Truck and then, maybe my Camaro (its SIM so could probably hide some of the newbie errors I am sure to do!)

In a nut shell- newly painted (4 months) to level OP wet sand optimal grits, then what? Will the FG 400 do the job after wet sanding?

Using a rotary tool is it time to graduate and push the envelope? Any particular machine you recomend? Im thinking for where I want to go, (best finish in shortest amount of time) that is the way to go. Am I correct? Any thoughts, links, suggestion, or sharing of personal experience will be appreciated!

Dust Nibs I need to get rid of:

OP right Panel - not too bad for first time painting, but I got a lot to learn!


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