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Originally Posted by ddavis View Post
Toe Rods, Trailings Arms & outer bushings is a good start. Also a soft sidewall like a true slick would be ideal to absorb alot of the energy but not realistic for most of us. I guess its always a chance when your at the track, but with all the news about half shafts snapping I picked up some heavy duty ones just incase.
You can see my video of some wheel hop while doing a burnout on the street the other day, it doesn't look like the axle is really moving all that much. SOme have said that the lowered cars are more prone to breaking them, I don't know about that.

The thing is, you just create a new weaker link if you replace the axles. The transmission output shafts are probably next and then the rear gears followed my the driveshaft. There's a picture of a shredded rubber driveshaft isolator in this months Hot Rod magazine.
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