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Originally Posted by bee sting View Post
Cool Video's Guys !! Last Season I shot my Highest Game .. 290 ! And got my 11 in a row Award . Still looking for my 1st 300 !! Highest series so far is a 775 and would love to shoot a 800!

Very nice.

Belive it our not, I've shot 3 300 games and a few 299s and I've never shot more than 750

One of my 300 game nights I didn't even shoot 700.

Split, split, split .................

Shot 299 this passed season and ended up with a 733.

Originally Posted by CAMARO_MOW View Post
League starts tonight, last season finished with an average of 172 and was up around 183 before switching balls. We'll see how it goes this year, throwing a Hammer Taboo.
I can't even tell you the kind of balls I have. I just have my buddy send them. Removeable thumb so he can drill them from Seattle and send them. He has all my measurments and doesn't have to worry abou tthumb fit.
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