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Originally Posted by IOM Hokie View Post
The weather and work finally cooperated and I was able to get my Doug Thorley catback installed on my LS3. Thanks to Brandon at Maryland Speed for the quick delivery.

Installation was straight forward and the included instructions were spot on. Hardest part was taking the old system off. Those muffler hangers are buried on top of those cans!

I did the install in the garage on jackstands by myself in about 90 minutes, and I am no mechanic.

If anyone is thinking about a new exhaust. Make the time and effort to do it yourself. Great feeling of accomplishment once you are done.

I really like the sound. Has a nice rumble to it without being crazy loud. Inside the car you can certainly notice the difference, but none of the dreaded drone.

Here is a short video of how it sounds.

NICE!!!! Glad to see more of these hitting the streets. I don't think many people even know that Doug Thorley makes a Catback. We've been "quietly" selling them for about a year now. Excellent unit, stainless steel, x pipe, badass tips, incredible value for sure! Thanks for posting the video!!

Originally Posted by Goliath View Post
Sound great. I have the same Cat-Back too. I love it and the price was good for the wallet.
I'm surprised that our price points are as low as they are with them too. They are nice and have a really good low, deep sound. Thank you as well for picking one up!

Originally Posted by Outlaw77 View Post
sounds good but you need to rev her to really share with everyone how she sounds!
Originally Posted by mikeSS View Post
yes it sounds good. but people do not get the true picture on how the exhaust sounds, you got to rev it a little more. its not going to hurt the car.
How's this for you??? Hehehe...
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Take a look at our YouTube Channel for more Doug Thorley in "action."

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