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I live in Jersey, weather extremes we get there. It's been on the cooler side for the most part, cloudy, rainy, hugh humidity, with hear spikes up into the 90's. The ZL1 runs hot, does not matter what the weather is. Heat outside the car only compounds the issue. Put the vent on, on a cool day, and the passenger compartment gets warm<from the S/C and heat buildup in the engine compartment> On hotter days put the window down. On real hot days...grin and bear it, or window up with A/C. AZ is crazy hot. The A/C system takes awhile to recirculate. The buildup heat in the engine compartment must dissapate with fresh air cooling moving through the condensor. It takes more time the hotter the environment. So, it's a multiplaction of heat, the ZL1 engine compartment due to the S/C, plus ambient outside air temperature. It's gonna take time to cool the Beast down.
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