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Keep in mind that your condenser is sandwiched between the heat exchanger and radiator. So if you were at normal operating temp and turned the car off on a hot day you now have a hot radiator and hot heat exchanger pouring heat into the cooler condenser. Heat equals pressure so when you turn the car off the condenser starts heating up quickly and building pressure in the A/C lines. The pressure switch in the A/C system see's the high pressure so it wont turn the compressor on until it falls to a safe level. Once you start driving and moving air across the stack, or the fans run for a few minutes, it cools the condenser down and drops the pressure to a safe level and allows the compressor to kick back on. All the more reason to install some puller fans behind the HEX.

And jaggedx is right about the Duramax. The A/C system on my last two trucks have been the most awesome A/C's I've ever owned in a vehicle. They WILL freeze you out of the truck. (pun intended)
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