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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
The CF pieces and seats are perfect man, they look soooo good
Thanks, pictures don't do them justice!

Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
Definitely. Are you guys going to the C5 SEMA dinner?

SEMA Dinner Anyone?
So busy didn't even know there was one. We are going to Lateral-g's on Wednesday. When is Camaro5's?

Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Aint no vinyl on this car hahah

Originally Posted by ZL575BumbleBee View Post
Then it looks like we need to convince him to cut off the roof. Heck the Ring Borthers did it on there Mustang Shop car. I say we convince Nathan to cut the roof off and make it in Carbon.

ps - Anyone know who owns the Yellow Camaro with the Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders that lives in the Downers Grove, IL area. I have tried to catch him a few times but no success. I would really like to talk to him about the fenders.
We were planning on cutting off the roof but just ran out of time. Funny you mention the Ring boys, they were going to get a ZL1 from GM for a SEMA project and we were hoping if they did, we could get a roof from them but unfortunately by the time GM agreed, the boys didn't have the time to take on the project

Quick update:

We are definitely feeling the SEMA crunch.......... paint is behind schedule but we had the man of the hour "Tony" work Saturday and Sunday to give us a much needed push!!!

Tony is definitely the most VIP of the paint process as most anybody could lay paint but it takes an artist to cut, buff and polish and give you a piano finish.

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Check out the intense stare and concentration!

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Here are a few pics of the carbon rockers being test fitted. They still need to be painted and the carbon exposed areas will be tone done to a satin clear finish. These carbon pieces just take G5.R to a new level.

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