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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
So you put the ones from Spencers on? I'm assuming it had the ballasts? How hard where they to put in? How to do they unplug the factory bulb and plug in line to a ballast and then from the ballast to the new Fog Light? I'm assuming you would've removed the fog light housing to install them.

Another concern I have is that i heard the HID Fog lights could melt the Fog light housing. Doesn't necessarily sound correct because it's supposed to run much cooler but that's what I heard.
Yes I am using the kit from Spencers. Yes they have ballasts. Factory plug goes into one side of ballast, bulb plugs into other side. No I did not remove the housing. Yeah it might have been better to remove to see better lol. For the Camaro you need to use the 25watt kit. There were two problems people had with melting. The first problem was they were not using a true 5202 kit. They used different kits that would not plug in correct. They used silicone to seal it and hold it in place. They silicone would melt and shift the bulb into the plastic. This caused the plastic to melt. The other problem was some of the first kits were rushed out and were 35watt kits. I have read people had problems with the heat from the 35watt kit. Spencers was the first place that I know of that came out with a 25watt ballast. (trust me I reseached for months before I ordered them lol). I have been running them for around 5 months now. I have no melting and my lenses have not hazed up at all. I will tell you that they are bright. I think they might be brighter then the hid headlights I installed lol. The reason for this is there is nothing to deflect the beam. So the beam comes straight out of the lenses. The fogs are low so it's really not a problem for other drivers. I think I might have been flashed with highbeams 3 times since I installed them. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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