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I will work with you to get the best deal, cash or credit.

Trades, make a long distance deal more difficult. We really need to see a car before we put a firm price on it. Having a written appraisal from say CARMAX would help - this is what trade in value is without being biased on the value of the new car. If you have a CARMAX offer, I could see if we can at least match that woithout seeing your car first. But we will work with you to make the deal either way. Selling outright is always your best bet so you can get retail for the car. Wisconsin has one of the strictest used car safety requirements of any state, and the inspection from a service department brings added cost to the car before we can put it on the lot. You actually make more selling that car "as is" without any investments, than we do. But we are game for any deal - so don't lose hope.
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