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Originally Posted by carbon8 View Post
Does the super chiller cool water, that is pumped through it.
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With air to air you can either convert completely to water to air or add a water to air intercooler in line after the A to A. I like the later if you already have A to A itís cheaper and you still have A to A when AC is off. Super Chiller provides refrigerated water (via using existing AC) to be pumped through water to air intercooler. Water to air is much more efficient than A to A so parts typically are smaller. Then when you add a Super Chiller results are multiplied several times over.

Originally Posted by Stark View Post
Please post pics!!!
The ZL1 bumper will be a future mod for me and i'd love to see if it's a
"easy" mod or not.
I luv my chiller!!!
Thanks for the support. I recognize my work on Super Chiller, who did your install and what Super Charger you have? Any comments on IAT or ICWT?
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