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Originally Posted by Fiftydriver View Post
Don't know guys, personally, I do not care for the new hood or the new front end. Plus I hear that this will have around 556 HP which is supposed to be rated at the engine, not rear wheel. Basically your looking at around 450 RWHP for an automatic model. How is that really worth the added cost?

I hear alot of guys out there saying that as soon as the supercharged model comes out they are going to trade in their 2010 or 2011 for the new model. This makes no sense to me at all. I am working on putting a Whipple 2.9 supercharger on my 2010 L99 with water/meth injection, Dynamax LT headers, HF cats, corsa cat back exhaust and upgrade the rear end with one of Jannety's complete 373 rear end conversions. All that will cost less then the ZL1 from what I hear and I should easily be into the 550 to 570 RWHP range with potential to go MUCH higher if wanted with just a pulley change.

So for less money I can have Far more performance then the ZL1. I just do not get it, why did Chevy not go with the same engine used in the 648 HP vette? Seems to me they missed the boat here. If the vette can handle this powder, the much heavier camaro would handle it even better.

I also hear guys say that they can have this engine with a factory warrantee but then in the next sentence they say all then need it to use a custom tune, get some aftermarket exhaust parts and your right there with any aftermarket equipt car. But then you use all that factory warrantee.

In my opinion, Chevy missed the boat here. Should have been the same exact engine as the Vette. Sorry guys, not impressed, will build my own and get MUCH more power for less money.

first off this is a manual tranny only NO AUTO. second there is no confirmed HP numbers yet. third this is a factory made car with full warranty that means a lot to most and this is more than just a bolt-on supercharger. the looks you may or may not like but look at the beefed up tranny and engine stuff, new suspension, rims, etc...
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