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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
The Z/28 would be an ideal choice for me as a DD. I would add AC and a stereo. I would also add a cam, Harrop Hurricane or FAST intake and a tune along with select bushes, bars and Supercars. I would wear out the ZEROs and replace them with RE-11s for DD and add a second set of Forgeline's with slicks for track days. There is no such thing as enough of a good thing.

After spending a full day with the Z/28 and 2014 refresh I can honestly say there isn't a bad line on the car. I spoke at length with Tom Peters and believe the new look is closer to what TEAM Camaro wanted back in 09, but could not deliver for a variety of reasons. The look in person is meaner, leaner and just plain Bad Axx.

I'd DD the Z/28. I drove my 70 Chevelle for years with no A/C or a working radio and it wasn't anywhere near as exciting to drive as the Z/28 will be.

Does anyone know if GM will take internal organs as a payment method?
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