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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Poor tolerance for heat stress makes A/C a mandatory option for me any more. With that, I would still daily-drive this car. While I'd prefer a 2-channel stereo if it was to be my only DD, a single-speaker setup would not be a deal-breaker for a pure toy.

I'm not all that far removed from daily-driving a car that had lightweight I/O carpeting on the interior with no padding underneath it, so this car isn't exactly Spartan for not having a trunk mat and for not having features that I might even pay not to have in any of my cars.

In the same way as I'd have quit worrying about the way the rear of the 2010 Mustang restyle looked to me if I'd bought one of those (which would have been for the performance), I wouldn't worry about this car's rump either. That'd be other peoples' problem, and I might even enjoy it more that way.

On edit . . . I wonder if GM at least made the HSA defeatable . . .

I agree AC is a must for me as well.
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