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Is this the right place?

Ok... I wasn't sure what thread to post this on, but it was definately a Camaro 'moment' that I felt was worth sharing with someone. Someone other than my significant other, who is 'past' my moment. "HUH?"

First... in my regular day, I rarely see any Camaros... let alone 5th Gen Camaros (1 a week if I'm lucky). And I have yet to see a single one parked in my parking structure at work, or in my condo building. "Yawn"

Until... after work this evening I pull up to the gate and hit the opener. As I pull in and what do I spy... a brief glimpse of a 2010 Camaro hip. I literally shouted out loud "Yeah!"

Quickly... I pull around to my spot, with a much better view of this rarity (extacy). And what do my eyes see... but a beautiful CGM LS... and beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it! "WOW!"

Slowly... I back into my spot... (I bet my mouth was wide open) ...the whole time with 1 & 1/2 eyes on the CGM LS. The LS just has that raw look to it, and in CGM it just fits. "ROAR!"

Finally... I don't really want people hanging around my car, so I don't go over and gawk or anything. But I sure am hoping it will be there the next time I go down to my Camaro! "PRAY!"

Anyway... I just thought I would share my little CGM moment with all of you, Proud CGM owners out there! You should be... it is a gorgeous color, on an amazing automobile! "CHEERS!"

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