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Originally Posted by danrc28 View Post
Hey so I was just about to purchase a new catback system when someone told me not to if I was planning on purchasing a remote mounted turbo (saving up to purchase one after my warranty's up). I figured they have to cut the pipes to put in the STS system so it may screw things up? May be a dumb question but I was wondering what would happen and if its worth getting the catback. THANKS!!
You're right. The STS kit may not match up properly if you install a cat-back.

You could do a muffler delete, though...providing the pipes aren't cut much farther back from the mufflers. That would get you the sound I assume you're after...and it wouldn't break the bank, or mess up any future plans for a remote-turbo system.

Some people don't like the muffler delete though. It's just a thought.
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