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Originally Posted by jtlucas2511 View Post
Wow, congrats! Beautiful color, how much would it cost to get that color as a custom paint job?
Not sure how much the custom paint job would cost at all, I figure a decent chunk of change, a few grand or so, and probably more if you really want every inch painted including engine compartment, inside doors, etc. Mine was original, from production in Oct. 2009.

Originally Posted by ERalph View Post
Congrats man, I just picked up mine this morning also. Had to drive 3 hours from home to go pick it up. I just shut it off for i think the first time since i got it this morning. Have fun dude!
Ha, yeah, that was nearly 10 hour drive back to West Virginia, niiiiice drive, comfortable and smooth, but yeah, it was weird turning it off and finally getting out the thing after all that time, lol. Congrats to you too!

Originally Posted by Danprh427 View Post
congrats but if i saw those on my car i woulda be like what is wroung with u putting shit on my car lol
LOL, haha, well I was a bit embarrassed when I pulled up right in front
of the showroom window, and I saw my car in there, with balloons on it.
I hate drawing attention to me or anything at all, but I think they did
it because the car is my birthday present to myself, they knew I had
a birthday on Monday, so kinda silly, but I just went with it. :p

Originally Posted by ChvyBoss View Post
Where out in Cali u at? That's such a BadAss color
I am in San Jose, CA. You?

Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
Nice! Drive it CA!!!
I would!! But it's my standard, and it already had 19,500 miles on it,
and I really didn't want it to have 3000 miles more on it just to get
it home. the 36 thousand mile warranty kind of helped make that decision,
but most of all I reluctantly elected to get it shipped because I didn't have
anyone to drive with, and my boss' at work are real jerks about getting any time off, and this would need nearly a week to drive it back. so blah,
had to spend more than I really wanted to ship, but it kind of just made
more sense. bummmmerrr.

Originally Posted by Godon Hutchinson View Post
congrats welcome to the club. where in WV is your family,i live in huntington wv
Oh cool, you are close! I am in Barboursville. Go back home to CA tomorrow afternoon. boo.

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