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Here's what my dealer gave me....

Dear Mr M

I apologize that I missed you yesterday while I was in a meeting. Thank you for your $1000 deposit. I also received the questions you had regarding your order which I would like to answer. Your order was the 3rd preliminary order placed to be built. Your preliminary order number is NXXXXC. The pricing on your 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is listed below:

MSRP $33,430.00
$395.00 Cyber Gray Metallic Stripe Package (B7W)
$1200.00 RS Package (WRS)
$499.00 Dealer Service Fee
$289.00 Paint Sealant
$35,813 + TTL

You should ask for something similar...

The 'paint sealant' will not be going on the car....but if they want to gripe about...I will still pay for it....
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