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This was the second best February for the trio since the Camaro returened (combined).

Feb. 2010: 13,746
Feb. 2011: 13,169
Feb. 2012: 17,943
Feb. 2013: 17,169

And if anyone thinks that this market segment is in any trouble at all or questions them building more of these cars in the future consider these numbers.

2009: 135,699
2010: 191,806
2011: 193,623
2012: 210,505

Yep, despite what some people try to claim (mainly Ford fans butt hurt about the Mustang being out sold) these segment is actually growing. In fact I would say that both Ford and Dodge benefited greatly from the Camaro as the Camaro has generated buzz and interested for all vehicles in this segment. People who may have read an article to check out the Camaro got to see the performance numbers and read about the Dodge and Ford as well.

Also the slack that the Camaro and Mustang have seen in the market recently has been more then made up for by the Dodge Challenger.

Then there is the aspect of this data that we don't really get to say, that is profits. While Dodge sells a lot less vehicles then what both Ford and Chevy sales for all we know they can be very profitable (when they are not heavily discounted). High profits justifies throwing money into small market vehicles, if you can make the kind of profits selling 40,000 Challengers a year that you do selling 200,000 Dodge Darts a year then its the better way to go (though they should make both).
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