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S197 mustangs sold 320,000 in first two years. That is what drew Camaro and Challenger
back in production. The S197 is a bit different from the Chevy or Dodge.
The difference is 107" wheel base and the 8.8" fixed rear axle. The S197 has more throwback design.
66-67-68 stangs: 107wb fixed 9" axle. At the time, throwback was the idea. The competition is upgraded from the pony type, more: wb, track, hp, torque, cid, independent rear, length, width, weight.
Less mpg, more insurance premimium. I admire the Chevy and Dodge. Great cars. I find the mustang more fun to drive. My 07 GT is modified for handling and throttle response. I have it down to 3250 pounds-dry. i would not trade it for a new stang, camaro, or challenger. Sometimes you want you have and have what you want.
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