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Trofeo information from the Pirelli website.

Designed for racetrack driving on dry asphalt.

Developed to provide even greater performance - on the occasion of Track Days - when fitted to the most powerful vehicles such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini, including the MY2012. With P Zero™ Trofeo R you can fully appreciate the performance of extreme vehicles in complete safety, especially on the track.

In extreme conditions, typical of racetrack driving, it reacts with precision to commands. On dry asphalt, even in the most demanding sessions it ensures high levels of grip and constant trajectories. P Zero™ Trofeo R is not recommended for use in very wet track conditions. Specific for racetrack driving, it is approved for road use, enabling travel to the track. In the event of very wet asphalt, with the risk of aquaplaning, prudent driving at reduced speed is recommended.

Not stated on the website, just like the GYs on the ZL1 and 1LE, tire grip is reduced by cooler temperatures. They ran on a cool damp then wet track. Adam Dean and the Z/28 put down one hellofa lap.
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