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I sent a request for a general feel of Brandi this early in the drive and break in period...

This is Corey's answer... I'm stoked...

The clutch "feels" great at the pedal. The engagement is very livable, not too chattery, easy to drive. But you can tell it's a not joke setup. The motor feels SOLID, and the turbo's sound BIG. No sissy boy high pitched whine when they start to turn. These things should lay out the boost. I of course have not put it into boost yet, but you can make them spin a little and not get into trouble. :-) The rear suspension is TIGHT. A little bouncier than before perhaps, and you hear 100% of the noise the differential makes. Other than that it's a ***** cat.

He is going to try some different differential lubricant to quieten it down... But I am way excited and I wish I was on the way home already...
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